Steve Rosenfeld

"I consider myself, as anyone else does in this industry, as a caregiver."
"My mom was an opera singer, and I can remember going to rehearsals with her when I was young growing up in New York."

“Sometime around 1996,” Steven Rosenfeld heard of the F.C. Sturtevant Company. Shortly thereafter, the Brooklyn native was hired for a non-titled job, almost like a paid internship where he was able to see various phases of the company from logistics to customer service to sales and marketing. Little did he know, Steven would go on to become president of the company in four years’ time.

The following two years would see Steven’s first title, Special Assistant to the President, changing to Assistant Marketing Director. It was then, in the year 2000, that the president of the company invited Steven into his office.

“I went into that office with low expectations,” reflects Steven. “I knew he was retiring, and I was expecting him to tell me that I no longer had a job. Surprisingly, he said ‘As for you, I’d like you to have my job.’ I was amazed!”

Steven held the position of President until August of 2018, when he was officially named the CEO of the F.C. Sturtevant Company, which is the corporate entity that oversees Columbia Skincare. Taking pride in everything he does, Steven is a man of thoughtfulness and vision, with a proven history of tackling challenges in efficient and highly effective ways.

“One of the greatest challenges as president of the company faced me from day one. I was the first non-family member to hold that position. Dealing with a board of directors that was greatly comprised of family members was often a challenge. I was looked upon as an outsider without the medical pedigree of former presidents.

“I like to think it was my ability to see the dangers of not expanding into different categories that proved my worth and solidified my belonging in the role. When I became president, we only had two divisions that weren’t very different. I was seeing the commoditization of our products and saw that they were being imitated by competitors oversees at a lower cost. We had severe challenges as a domestically-sourced company using the highest grade of materials with considerably higher costs. I saw the dire need, if we were going to sustain ourselves, to diversify into more sophisticated treatments and really embellish our research and development wing, so I invested heavily in acquiring top scientists from the country’s best universities to work for our company, growing from a staff of three to a staff of thirty.

“We were also heavily-invested in very antiquated manufacturing equipment, so I tried to align the company with more modern manufacturing plants by selling off our old manufacturing equipment. This left us with the space necessary to bring in companies who could use our facilities to house their equipment and expertise. In a sense, it was like time sharing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This has held up for over a decade, and it has given us a great advantage.”

Consistent with his devotion to the wellness industry, Steven sees both music and animals as tremendous sources of therapy. Specifically, music is intrinsically woven into his DNA from a resonant heritage.

“My mom was an opera singer, and I can remember going to rehearsals with her when I was young growing up in New York. I always loved music from as early as I can remember. My father was a very talented musician as well, and we always had music in the house. I grew up in a community that birthed lots of big-name bands and I knew many musicians at a very young age that went on to be a part of acts like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and others.

“Music has always been very therapeutic for me. Anytime I faced any challenges growing up, whether academic or social, I always felt better after immersing myself in music. I consider myself, as anyone else does in this industry, as a caregiver. My ability to introduce music to others and get other people motivated through music has been a constant thing in my life and is consistent with the caregiving mindset. I believe animals also play a strong role in health and wellness. They can be very therapeutic, and I believe peoples’ lives are enriched by having animals around to care for. I volunteer at animal rescue venues in New York and the benefits I reap from it are invaluable.”

"I consider myself, as anyone else does in this industry, as a caregiver."