Kelleye Heydon

"I love my spa community and it just keeps growing!"
“We are striving to become The Place in the Madison area, and I love being a part of something great!”

Kelleye Heydon, Spa, Wellness and Retail Director, received her degree in Recreation Management from Eastern Washington University. This makes her a lifelong fan of the University’s football team and a diehard Seahawk fan. Originally wanting to be a river rafting guide, which drove her degree choice, she landed a job as an activities coordinator at a resort right after college. This began her 19-year journey in the spa industry.

“I ran all of the guest activities and helped to manage the pool. I was there for about 2 years when the GM came to me and asked me to take over the spa that had been open a year and was not profitable.  I knew nothing about running a spa.  He told me I knew how to manage people and he would support me learning the rest of it.  So, I got a 'crash' course in the Spa that year.  We had a $100k turn around that first year and I was hooked!  From there I also took over the retail shops and started buying for the entire property.  I did that for almost 10 years and then went to work for a skin care line.  I did that for about a year and then went back to the director side of the industry.”

This year, Kelleye took a job with The Edgewater and it lead to a major change… moving to Madison, Wisconsin. Being born and raised, on a beef cattle farm, in Washington the move has been quite the adventure for her. There’s always challenges with adventures, but the rewards can be even greater. “We love it here- the beer and cheese help!  People are so friendly and nice in the mid-west.  We know all of our neighbors!” Even though Kelleye misses her friends and family, it’s been such a positive experience for her. “I love every part of my role as Spa, Wellness and Retail Director.  Of course, we have challenges, but The Edgewater has really become home for me this past year.  We are striving to become The Place in the Madison area, and I love being a part of something great!”

Marrying Steve Martin, chef-like skills, target shooting, plus being on the ISPA Board. Could Kelleye Heydon be any more interesting? While she isn’t marrying an actual celebrity, she lovingly reports that her fiancé always makes her laugh. For relieving stress, she looks to cooking or target shooting. The prep work of chopping and cutting, or wearing the ear protection while shooting, soothes and allows her to completely shut the world out. If she has any free time, you’ll find her experimenting with recipes or cooking a meal from scratch for friends. The fun-loving, outgoing, and tenacious Kelleye is even able to balance a spoon on her nose! With so many talents, her proudest accomplishment is being apart of the ISPA Board. “I love my spa community and it just keeps growing!”

"I love my spa community and it just keeps growing!"