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Are you looking for a unique and cost effective way to promote your spa or to share your products with the spa community? If so, you should consider advertising on our new website—People of ISPA. It’s a great opportunity for ISPA members, both Resource Partners and Spa organizations, to stand out among the competition.

ISPA prides itself on helping our members build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships and the People of ISPA is the perfect avenue to continue this tradition.

People of ISPA provides an excellent opportunity for our member spas to showcase their property and services offered, to leading media representatives who rely on ISPA as their go-to spa industry resource, in a friendly and engaging format. It’s also the ideal place for resource partner members to highlight all the wonderful features and benefits of their products with the same great advantages.

For more information or to learn how you can get involved with People of ISPA, email